About Me

The Basics

I live in Toronto with my husband and daughter. I grew up in northern Ontario and came south to study dance at York University in 1975.


I came to movement quickly as a youngster through small town running around, easy access to skiing, skating, swimming, golf, team sports and gymnastics in highschool.


I showed off to my teenage sister’s friends when they played their rock & roll music in the early 60’s, had a year of ballet as an 8 year old, did floor exercise and musicals in highschool. I jumped into the dance program at York U as a total novice and have danced ever since.


I have played in many forms of dance and movement: Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Sacred Rhythms, Yoga, Tai Chi, Clowning, Pilates, Butoh and performance. Watching the physical play of puppies, seals and children has always inspired me!

Nia & Me

I began teaching Nia in 1996. One class was all it took to create a resounding ‘Yes!’ in my body/mind/spirit connection and start me on my way to complete the Nia Training curriculum – White, Blue, Brown, Black, Green & 1st Degree Black. I became a White Belt trainer in 2002 and Green Belt trainer in 2009. I continue to be inspired by and dedicated to this practice.


I’ve lived in Tarragon Village for 25 years and love to build connection in small and large ways. I started a community garden this year; I co-produced The Vagina Monologues in 2013 as a fundraiser for Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter; I love to participate in the worldwide Nia community.

Speaking from the Heart

Words, language, creative writing are all very important to me. I have participated in a writing circle for six years and I love the way we use images and poetic ideas to inform our movement in our Nia practice. I am a trained CTI coach where I learned the importance of a thoughtful question.

Language & Travel

I speak enough French to get by and am learning Spanish with my husband. My family and I have visited many countries and I love to visit Nia communities across Canada for trainings and workshops.

My purpose statement

I’ve created one. Have you? Join me at a Nia White Belt and I’ll share mine and help you create yours! If you really, really want to know, send me an email.